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Prahar Ad Rates

In Indian languages, prahara is a unit of time. A day is divided into eight Prahars, making each prahar equivalent to three hours. The first prahar starts at 3am. In Indian classical music there are ragas which are prescribed to be performed at particular prahar to maximize their aesthetic effects.

Riyo Advertisers books advertisements for Prahar. We book Display, Appointment Ad, Tender Notice, Public Notice, Classified Display, and all other types of advertisement categories. You can give or publish your ad in Prahar through us.

Prahar Newspaper Ad Rates

Prahar Tender Notice Advertisement Rates

Tender Notice Advertising For Prahar

All the Ad Rates are in per

Editions Min Size (in cm) B&W Ad Rates (Rs.)
Mumbai 4 x 5 160
Sindudurga 4 x 5 80
Ratnagiri 4 x 5 80

Note : The above tariff may have changed. Please call us and confirm the rates before proceeding.

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